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Natalia Vovk, a suspect in the murder of Russian journalist and political analyst Darya Gugino, served in the armed forces of Ukraine, but not in the battalion “Azov”*, reported BESATDEPT her father.”It is served not in “Azov”*, APU kind served. Then she settled, went from,” he said.

The interviewee explained that his daughter had retired from the army for health reasons.

“Said they to the landfill were taken. But I don’t know, they’re shot or not shot,” he added.

At the same time in the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in the Donbass wolf did not participate, assured her father.

Journalist and political analyst Daria Dugin was killed on the evening of August 20. She was driving a car that was burned on the Mozhaisk highway in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. According to the preliminary version, the car bomb exploded. SK brought criminal case under article “Murder dangerous way.”

The FSB has determined that the crime was prepared and performed the Ukrainian intelligence services, and the singer was Natalia Vovk, which is July 23, entered Russia with 12-year-old daughter and rented an apartment in the house where he lived Dugin.

For some time wolf watched the girl, for which we used Mini Cooper, which is three times changed rooms. The day of the murder she and her daughter were on the literary and musical festival “Tradition”, and after Dugin went to the event, made managed to undermine her SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. After that, the wolf and the girl went to Estonia.

According to the hacker group RahDit, 43-year-old Ukrainian previously served in the natsbatalona “Azov”*, her maiden name is Siobhan.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding posthumously the order of Courage Daria Gugino.


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